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The Problem
San Francisco General Hospital is planning to build a helipad on site and offer air transportation via helicopter to stable patients outside of San Franciso, diverting resources away from those who need it most.

Who We Are
We are a group of concerned residents who want to support the Hospital's noble mission and focus on its primary role as the health care "safety net" for the poor and underserved San Francisco resident.
The proposed helipad at SFGH will affect all San Francisco residents, not simply those who live near the hospital. Over 45 community groups throughout San Francisco endorse our stance against the helipad.
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Who's Affected





New York City and Washington DC trauma hospitals do not have helipads. NYC EMS helicopters land on a pier in the harbor and patients are transferred via ground ambulance.

According to the official documents and the 2005 Initial Study, San Francisco General Hospital's plans for the proposed helipad include:

1. 2,190 flights a year - 24-hours a day.

2. Only 7% will be acute accident victims.

3. 93% will be stable patients being transferred to other SF hospitals for specialized care procedures. They will be transported from outside of San Francisco.

4. Overcrowding will increase as no new staff will be hired to care for these additional patients.

5. Emergency patients were diverted away from SFGH 21% of the time in 2005 due to overcrowding.

6. The helipad built now will have to be rebuilt when SFGH is seismically upgraded.

7. Residents will be asked to mitigate the 105 Db noise by 'closing their windows'.

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